Property Potential

The Bonanza Placer Property represents a unique opportunity where there are still significant Bonanza Creek lower pay gravels and White Channel pay gravels available for mining on claims that have clear title of ownership and are fully permitted.

The Bonanza Placer Property is prospective for bulk extraction of the largest placer gold targets on the property which are:

1) Bonanza Creek bed below 26 feet Dredge No. 5 level
2) Bonanza Creek bed covered under hydraulic tailings
3) Extensive White Channel deposits with a volume of around 2.8 million cubic meters

The owners of the property have conducted over ten years of profitable mining with a small crew (generally three persons on a day shift) on relatively easily accessible pay dirt and believe that the property could profitably support a bulk mining operation with investment in larger equipment and infrastructure.

Title Licensing

The Bonanza Placer Property is located on Bonanza Creek just below the confluence of Eldorado and Bonanza Creek in the Klondike Goldfields. The Property is centered on 63°52’N, 139°15’W on NTS Map Sheet 115O14 within the Dawson Mining District (Figure 1). The property consists of 21 contiguous claims and 1 outlying placer claim as shown in figure 2 and are all co-owned by Dan Trudeau (50%) and Roland Berglund (50%). The earliest expiry on any claim in 2024 and the claims have 843 excess credits of “banked work” on them. The claims are surrounded by other staked ground in which the owners have no business interest.

Bonanza Claims